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Meet your audience’s needs: stay close to your customers during each phase of their journey, be it for ticket purchases, itinerary updates or for real time alerts services while they are on-the-go.

Notice for check in

warn travelers in advance about all the procedures to be taken to check in correctly (documents to bring, tickets and luggage allowed)

Create surveys to organize travels based on your audience preferences

know the current trends and offer your customers unique experiences that fully satisfy their tastes

Organize sightseeing tours

propose guided tours of the city to your customers and request the participation in advance

Send promotions and special offers

keep them updated on last minute trips and unmissable offers

Send real time alerts

keep your customers in the loop through timely notifications about the weather conditions, program changes, delays in departures etc.

Alert for check in

inform the customer and guide him at every stage of the journey, from airport check-in to hotel check-out

Send tickets via sms downloadable via link

provide the traveler with everything he needs comfortably on his mobile phone

– Conduct market research

– Create opinion polls on specific topics: stay updated on the most popular trends and ride the wave

– Collect data and information to define your target: study your audience and know more about it

– Organize large events and congresses: send your invitations by call and get immediate feedback on participations

– Share promotional campaigns: take advantage of the wide coverage of calls to reach each customer

– Promote special offers: enhance your client’s marketing campaigns with special offers, discount vouchers and customized text messages.

– Manage events seamlessly: send invitations and updates on the event

– Build the customer loyalty: keep the client updated via sms by providing him with any information he needs