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Receiving SMS online has never been easier:
buy your virtual mobile phone number and increase interaction with your customers in just a few clicks with the Dillo SMS reception service

What is the
receiving SMS of Dillo?

The Dillo SMS reception service is a computerized system that allows you to receive SMS messages on a specially dedicated virtual mobile number and to view their contents via web directly on your PC.

To do this you will need a virtual SIM associated with a mobile number, which you can easily purchase from the Dillo platform, and a device connected to the internet.

Once the service is activated, you will be able to view the texts of incoming SMS, reply manually or set automatic replies that can interact directly with your customers, collaborators or users.

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How to receive SMS with Dillo

1 - Activate

Activate your virtual number

Choose or automatically generate your new virtual number and purchase it conveniently from the platform.

2 - Build

Build your SMS Application

Structure the flow of your interactions and actions in response to the SMS received, to do this you can choose the mode you prefer between drag & drop editor, Json file or forwarding via webhook. Take advantage of the filters that Dillo SMS Inbound makes available to automate the replies to the SMS received and better customize the contents of your interactions.

3 - Associate

Associate the number with the SMS application

After creating the scheme of your interactions, simply associate the new SMS Application with the Virtual Number you have previously activated.

4 - Integrate

Receive the SMS on your application

Develop and customize your software by integrating the SMS Application and offer your customers and collaborators a two-way omnichannel communication.

Technical Features

Omnichannel and interoperability

The interoperability of the system allows you to receive SMS via email and automatic call, and to move communication with the customer to the most suitable channel. You can also view the SMS received via the web, from our platform or directly from your application.

High availability and scalability

Dillo is able to balance the traffic and automatically adapt resources based on demand and load, if a problem arises in any node, in fact, this will be immediately replicated, to ensure constant availability of the service.

Advanced reporting

Monitor the progress of your SMS campaigns, messages received and any interaction with your customers and collaborators directly from the platform thanks to reports and statistics, to always improve your customer service based on the recorded results.


Through the graphic editor, or directly from your application (via webhook), you can configure automatic messages in response to received SMS. In fact, thanks to the use of filters, you automate replies based on the contents of the SMS you receive, to guarantee your customers immediate and flexible two-way communication.

Quick setup

From the Phone Numbers section of the platform you can easily activate a virtual SIM with an exclusive number dedicated to receiving company SMS. It will take you a few steps to configure the number and the SMS receiving system and in one day you will be ready to amaze your customers with a new two-way communication that is always present!

Low Latency

Our gateways are directly connected to the operators to guarantee the maximum speed of sending and receiving SMS

Technical Features Voice Inbound - Risponditore Automatico

Take a look at our documentation and find out for yourself how simple it is to integrate the Dillo API;
not practical? Don’t be afraid, for any need you can count on the support of our technicians!

Why Dillo SMS Inbound?

Availability of the service 24/7

Monitor the progress of your SMS campaigns, messages received and any interaction with your customers and collaborators directly from the platform thanks to reports and statistics, to always improve your customer service based on the recorded results.

Personalized Answers

Free your resources and allow them to spend more time on irreplaceable and profitable tasks for your business. With the bidirectional messaging of our SMS channel you will be able to automate and optimize most of the corporate communication processes, immediately managing the requests of customers, collaborators and users.

Quick Configuration

Setting up a system for receiving and sending SMS via the web is easier than you think: in just one day you can activate the service and configure your SMS application to immediately improve customer service and optimize your resources. For any doubts you can rely on our technical documentation, or simply speak to our fantastic experts!


Use the SMS receiving service to:


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