Other Sectors

Take advantage of the convenience of automatic calls, outgoing and incoming, and SMS to take communication with your audience to another level! You will be able to dedicate more resources to more creative tasks, save time and money, all by improving and optimizing your communications with the customer/user.


Government office for tax assistance and information

  • Request confirmation of the appointment to avoid missed performances
    call the customer in the days before the fixed date, ask him to confirm the appointment or, alternatively, to reschedule it. You can also take advantage of it and remind them which papers and documents to take with them
  • Send voice reminders to remind you of deadlines and appointments
    reduce wasted time and missed appointments by sending voice reminders to your most distracted users
  • Structure a self-service customer service to provide information 24/7
    by calling the number you indicated, the user can interact with Dillo’s voicebot to request information about the opening hours of the offices, about the documents needed to carry out certain procedures and much more; alternatively, he can be put in contact with the competent operator based on the needs expressed.
  • Offer an automatic appointment making service that is always active
    delegate appointment making to Dillo and focus on tasks that are most important to you. Your users can call the dedicated number at any time to make an appointment, move it or cancel it; the virtual assistant configured by you will provide them with the available dates based on your calendar and, once the appointment is confirmed, will update your agenda in real time
  • Notify your users when their documents are ready
    sends an automatic call to the customer to inform them that their documentation is ready for collection
  • Send SMS reminders
    reduce missed performance by sending SMS reminders with appointment data and any useful information about the documents to take with you
  • Always keep your users informed and invite them to make an appointment at your office
    provide customers with information and updates to keep them informed of news (social bonuses and more), remind them of the mandatory tax procedures and invite them to schedule an appointment
  • Notify your users when their documents are ready
    send an SMS to the customer to inform him that his documentation is ready to be collected

Maintenance and installation technicians

Organizza e gestisci i tuoi interventi tecnici nel modo più efficace possibile: avvisa i tuoi utenti di imminenti scadenze, manutenzioni e altre procedure periodiche; fissa e conferma in anticipo ogni appuntamento grazie alle chiamate automatiche e agli SMS.

  • Notify your users of upcoming deadlines
    call the customer to remind him in advance to perform the boiler overhaul, fire extinguisher maintenance and other periodic procedures that require the intervention of your technicians
  • Plan your technical interventions
    make appointments with the customer based on the availability of your agenda thanks to automatic interactive calls and the ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) voice recognition function
  • Create opinion polls on your products and services
    constantly improve thanks to your customers’ feedback
  • Request confirmation of the appointment
    remind the user of the date and time of the appointment to avoid unnecessary travel and missed appointments
  • Provide customers with information 24/7
    employ your staff in important tasks: delegate to Dillo the task of providing information to users and skimming the number of calls, phone calls will be transferred to the most suitable operator only when necessary, based on the information of the calling customer (e.g. with which operator usually talks about, what services / products he has purchased) and his requests. In this way you can offer each user a personalized support experience that is always available.
  • Allow users to schedule a technical intervention
    offer an appointment service that is always available, your users will be able to call the dedicated number at any time, to fix a technical intervention, move it or cancel it; the virtual assistant (or voice bot) you set up will provide them with the available dates based on your calendar and, once the appointment is confirmed, will update your agenda in real time
  • Collect any reports from users regarding the malfunctioning of systems or devices
    allow customers to communicate faults and anomalies at any time, based on the severity of the reported problem, you can then set up a telephone alert system that sends a text message or an automatic call directly to the emergency number you indicated
  • sends reminders via sms to notify of periodic technical interventions to be performed (maintenance, renewals, revisions)
  • sends confirmation sms of scheduled appointments
  • keep your customers updated by providing them with the information they need, when they need it

Education and training

Do you still send paper memos to teachers, parents and students? Forget the waste of time and paper, thanks to Interactive Calls and Sms you can quickly communicate with teachers, families and students, inform them about events, exam results, upcoming procedures and important school notices.

  • Schedule interviews with parents and teachers according to the school calendar
  • Create satisfaction surveys for the courses attended
  • Promote extracurricular activities (fundraising, opportunities offered by the institution)
  • Invite parents to school events (end of year concert, school play etc.)
  • Notify parents and students of any temporary closures of the Institute
  • Manage course enrollments and allow lessons to be booked through a simple call
  • Allow parents to schedule interviews based on the availability of individual teachers
  • Provide information on the days and times when schools are closed
  • Make information about courses, institutes or other available 24/7
  • Always make available information about the results of tests and exams
  • Send notifications of new exam results
  • Manage all school communications (interviews, meetings, school boards, etc.)
  • Promptly notify in case of canceled lesson (for universities and especially for commuter students)
  • Warn in case of school closures during holidays or extraordinary events

Restaurants and takeaways

Create popular and inviting menus: thanks to the feedback from your customers you can meet the tastes of your target and create menus based on the surveys.  Use automated Calls and Sms to manage orders, deliveries and reservations automatically, you can save time and always be present for your customer!

  • Ask customers for confirmation of takeaway orders and table reservations
  • Send satisfaction and evaluation surveys of your service to create menus that respond to current trends
  • Send invitations to special events taking place at your venue
  • Take and manage orders in an automated way
  • Provide real-time information regarding the delivery of the order
  • Offer a table reservation service that is always active
  • Provide information 24/7 on restaurant opening times
  • Send order summaries and real-time information on delivery times
  • Warn of any problems relating to the delivery of the order
  • Confirm the registration to the service by sms
  • Promote special events (Christmas dinners, New Year’s Eve dinner etc.)
  • Promote your app or website

Human resources

Use automatic calls to improve your work environment and manage the company’s human resources: send satisfaction surveys to your candidates and collect the feedback necessary to perfect the personnel selection and recruitment processes; engage your employees and make them feel part of the team by inviting them to corporate events!

  • Plan the annual team building via call: collect feedback on preferences and participations
  • Create employee satisfaction surveys
  • Request confirmations in advance for interviews and appointments
  • Collect feedback from candidates on the corporate recruitment process
  • Send interview reminders
  • Send sms with information for the interview (which documents to bring with you, where to show up, etc.)
  • Notify staff of extraordinary closures and temporary suspensions of company activity

Car dealership

Improve communication with your customers using automated phone calls, send them appointment reminders, get their feedback about the car services, to improving customers satisfaction and invite them to various events organized by your company.

  • Create opinion polls about the services you offer
  • Send appointment reminders
  • Send invitations for test drive events or more


  • Offer an always active and fully automated appointment making service
  • Make the information the customer needs available 24/7, from business opening hours, to the availability of products and cars at the dealership
  • Warn when the car is ready to be picked up
  • Promote special offers
  • Send event invitations and updates
  • Build customer loyalty by providing them with all the information they need