Lead Generation

Rely on our CPaaS to collect and generate quality leads 24/7 in a fully automated way: Dillo is the perfect tool to reach all your contacts through the communication channel of your choice, saving time and lowering the CPL


Do you deal with Lead Generation?

Here's why you should try Dillo

reach markets around the world: Dillo works on any geographic route to guarantee you total coverage of your target

our current customers dealing with Lead Generation reach, based on the services offered and the databases used, profit margins per lead ranging from 50 to 80%

thanks to the scalable infrastructure, Dillo guarantees volumes of more than 10.000 phone calls per hour, in order to reach important numbers of contacts in a short time

Dillo Voice Outbound

How to take advantage of automatic outbound calls to make Lead Generation

Thanks to Dillo Voice Outbound you can take advantage of automatic outbound calls to simultaneously reach hundreds of contacts per minute and collect the data necessary for the profiling of new leads.

In order not to lose even a lead, you can also set up an intelligent inbound voicebot which, in the event that the contact calls your number, will be able to answer and repeat the voice interaction by collecting the data concerned.

Structuring and customizing interactions using the drag & drop graphic editor will be very simple but, if you want, you can use the webhook method, by connecting Dillo to your external application.

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Dillo Voicebot Inbound

Generate profiled leads
with intelligent voice assistants

Dillo Voicebot allows you to structure an intelligent AI-based Voicebot in a few steps, capable of responding coherently to your users’ requests and collecting their data if, for example, they are interested in your products or services or if they want to be contacted by a physical operator.

Through dedicated screens on the platform, you can train your Voicebots quickly and intuitively to constantly increase their performance.

Furthermore, again from the platform, you will be able to consult the reports of the interactions and know the responses of your users.

Dillo SMS Outbound

Engage new clients
by reaching your contacts via SMS

Dillo SMS is the Dillo channel designed to manage the sending and receiving of automatic SMS.

You can take advantage of SMS sending to increase visits to your site and convert them into contacts interested in your services and products: to do so, simply reach your potential users via SMS and provide them with links to your site or your landing page.

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