SMS Inbound

SMS Outbound

SMS Outbound

Sending SMS

Send high-quality SMS around the world: surprise your customers and collaborators with personalized messages thanks to APIs for automated SMS sending.

Why Dillo SMS Outbound?

Whatever the size of your business, SMS can be perfectly adapted to your needs

No specific skills are required to integrate the SMS Sending API and, once Dillo is integrated, you can start using it immediately and independently

Develop your code freely, Dillo is compatible with any programming language you want to use

Why SMS communication
is a winning choice

Unmatched opening rate

SMS have an unparalleled opening rate: 97% of mobile device owners in fact read and use SMS

Perfect adaptability

SMS are easily scalable: to avoid unnecessary waste you will pay only for what you need, without activation costs, commissions or nasty surprises

Instant Attention

90% of consumers text at least once per day, so the SMS inbox is the place that people check the most often

Guaranteed effectiveness in comparison with email campaigns

For the same reasons we have listed, SMS sending campaigns are 10 times more effective than Email campaigns

Wider reach

SMS can be received anytime and anywhere, even in the absence of an internet connection: this makes SMS the largest communication channel

Short reading times

More than 80% of SMS are read within 3 minutes of delivery, this makes SMS an excellent notification tool

Technical Features

Custom SMS sender

Personalize your sender name thanks to alphanumeric characters and let the recipient recognize you from the first contact.

Message concatenation

Don’t limit your SMS to 160 characters: longer texts are automatically concatenated to maintain the continuity of your message


All our channels are bidirectional, this allows you to send surveys or questions via SMS with the possibility of receiving the results of your contacts.

Communicate on a global scale

Do not put any limits on your message: with Dillo SMS you can send your automatic communications all over the world

Advanced reporting

Monitor the progress of your SMS campaigns, messages received and any interaction with your customers and collaborators directly from the platform thanks to reports and statistics, to always improve your customer service based on the recorded results.

Low Latency​

Our gateways are directly connected to the operators to guarantee the maximum speed of sending and receiving SMS

Take a look at our documentation and find out for yourself how simple it is to integrate the Dillo API;
not practical? Don’t be afraid, for any need you can count on the support of our technicians!

What you can create
with Dillo SMS Outbound

Send emergency alerts in a timely and automatic manner: by setting the customized parameters you can ensure that, whenever the conditions set by you are met, SMS alerts are automatically sent to the users concerned

With Dillo you can send One Time Password (OTP via SMS) to increase security in the authentication processes of online payments, in the provision of access or in the sharing of sensitive data

Take advantage of the versatility and speed of SMS to send urgent and timely notifications on important issues (upcoming deadlines, procedures to follow, ongoing emergencies, confirmations of participation in events and much more)

You can use Dillo to send a single message or to quickly contact thousands of people around the world at the same time, the choice is yours!

With Dillo’s SMS API you can provide your customers with real-time updates on the delivery status of orders, to keep them up to date or to promptly inform them of delays or changes in delivery times and places.

Create SMS surveys to engage your audience, receive feedback on the services/products offered or to study the purchasing habits of your target

Do you have a contact center? With Dillo you can offer more in a few simple steps: you just need to integrate our API with your application to be able to offer your current customers an extra channel and all the advantages of SMS communication

Improve the process of making appointments and reduce missed performances: by scheduling automatic SMS sending during or following the procedure, you can confirm or cancel reservations and provide reminders with the details of the appointment.

Alcuni casi d'uso

SMS campaigns are winning marketing tools: they allow you to reach a very large audience with reduced times and prices, to stay close to your current customers and acquire new ones

Thanks to SMS you have a safe and quick way to notify users of any service interruptions or public procedures, or to send them payment reminders and specific reminders

Take care of your customers by promptly sending order notifications, appointment reminders and deadlines. Give them the information they need right on their cell phones

Keep your customers informed about discounts, sales and promotions; know and study the purchasing habits of your target and build customer loyalty

Simplify all delivery and logistics processes using the speed of SMS to coordinate the various work phases: order confirmations, shipment delivery, product returns and recalls

Take care of your patients by improving healthcare communication, thanks to SMS alerts you can remind appointments and reduce missed services, quickly provide emergency health services and spread public health campaigns


Find out what Dillo can do for your company!

Try the free demo
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