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Get prompt feedback from users to improve your services thanks to customer satisfaction surveys via Interactive Automatic Calls! Warn them of any service interruptions or public procedures thanks to bulk Sms.

Create opinion polls on a service used

constantly improve based on user feedback

Send Automated Calls regarding the interruption of the supply of public and private services

limit inconvenience and complaints, warn users in advance of any future anomaly in the service

Ask for appointment confirmations

remind the user of the date and time of the appointment

Organize your appointments according to the agenda

thanks to ASR technology, schedule appointments and technical interventions via Call and give the user the opportunity to reschedule them based on your agenda

Keep your users updated

notify them in advance of the interruption of a service, the closure of a road, or any other temporary change

Reduce delays and overdue payments

send users payment reminders for their taxes or bills along with a direct web link to pay

Drive public awareness

Accelerate public awareness initiatives with attractive Sms ​on a wide range of programs in healthcare, education and more

– Conduct market research

– Create opinion polls on specific topics: stay updated on the most popular trends and ride the wave

– Collect data and information to define your target: study your audience and know more about it

– Organize large events and congresses: send your invitations by call and get immediate feedback on participations

– Share promotional campaigns: take advantage of the wide coverage of calls to reach each customer

– Promote special offers: enhance your client’s marketing campaigns with special offers, discount vouchers and customized text messages.

– Manage events seamlessly: send invitations and updates on the event

– Build the customer loyalty: keep the client updated via sms by providing him with any information he needs