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Take care of your patients by improving healthcare communication: quickly provide emergency health services and spread public health campaigns via Call and Sms; monitor the health status of domestic patients through automated interactive calls that allow you to collect data on their conditions.

Create surveys to monitor the health of your patients

ask home patients about their symptoms to monitor the progress of the disease day by day

Create public health alert campaigns

inform citizens about precautionary medical measures to be taken during an alert state

Request confirmation of appointments

improve productivity by saying goodbye to forgotten appointments

Send reminders near mandatory periodic procedures (vaccines, treatment cycles, etc.)

always be close to your patients saving time and staff

Advise patients of any medical reports to be collected

optimize services thanks to the automation of secondary processes, focus on what is important!

Manage non-profit campaigns in the medical field

raise public awareness of sensitive, little-known or extremely important issues

Optimize services

advise the patient when a prescription is available, the outcome of an examination, or when a specific medicine has arrived

Facilitate visits by relatives

send information about visiting hours for hospital patients and inform visitors of the precautionary measures to be taken within the hospital

Guide and inform the patient

send the confirmation code every time a patient makes an appointment and provide him with details of the visit

Provide the patient with what he needs, in the simplest way

send prescription sheets, medical reports, diet plans and more as sms attachments

Manage non-profit campaigns

spread non-profit fundraising or awareness-raising campaigns on medical topics