Voice Inbound

Voice Outbound

Voice Outbound

Automatic Calls

Manage and automate customer interactions:
offer a precise and impeccable service, saving time and money.
Find out how easy and convenient it is to integrate our outbound automatic phone calls service to your application.

Why Dillo Voice Outbound?

Custom the Voice Caller ID number and decide which number to show on the reciever’s phone

Dillo Voice Outbound supports high traffic volumes in a very short time, to guarantee the delivery of the Voice Call at 99.9% and notify the feedback to your application in real time

During your Voice Calls you can operate simultaneously on multiple channels, Email and Sms, to communicate with the customer in the most effective way

chatbot-L'assistente virtuale di Dillo

How to send automatic phone calls with Dillo

1 - Verify

Set your Caller ID

Associate and verify your phone number on the platform. You can send phone calls using a number you already have

2 - Build

Build your IVR

Structure the flow of your Telephone IVR. To do this, choose the mode you prefer from drag & drop editor or create your own Json.

3 - Send

Send Calls

Send your calls using the API Rest methods made available by Dillo, or use the campaigns of the Console for massive sending.

4 - Consult

Consult the reports

Consult the reports on the web interface, or request the results of the phone calls through GET Api requests.

Technical Features

Connect more people to the same call at the same time thanks to the Conference Call function and manage your telephone conferences in total safety and autonomy

Automatic Speech Recognition

Dillo uses high quality ASR technologies to make your customer’s phone interactions a unique experience

Dual Channel Call recording

Recordings are dual channel and stored encrypted, so that you can retrieve them as you like

HQ Text to Speech

Synthesize speeches in multiple languages and accents with natural sounding voices

Omnichannel Interoperability

All our channels guarantee perfect interoperability between them: in this way you can always move the interaction to the most suitable channel or send messages and emails during or following the call

Get digit input

Monitor and store digits from customers keypad during the call and improve your campaigns based on inputs

Voice Inbound - Risponditore Automatico

More flexibility for your projects

With Dillo Voice you can build your Dial Flow freely deciding, based on your needs and skills, whether or not to maintain control of the telephone flow.


You can decide the structure of the call before making or receiving the phone call; you can basically design your telephone IVR using the tools that Dillo gives you to facilitate your work.

Thanks to our graphic editor you can build your Dial Flow quickly and intuitively: just follow a few small rules to structure a working IVR by drag & drop method, once finished you will only have to connect your new Phone Application to your DID number.

During the phone call, Dillo can contact your third party application, to pilot the telephone flow and thus have control over what happens on the audio channel.

It will therefore be your application that will decide, based on the choices made by the caller/called party and based on your application logic, which interactions to do and which steps will be needed after the call; It will be easy for you to communicate through Dillo’s language to tell Dillo what to do.

Take a look at our documentation and find out for yourself how simple it is to integrate the Dillo API;
not practical? Don’t be afraid, for any need you can count on the support of our technicians!

Some Use Cases

Use outbound calls to:

  • Create customer satisfaction campaign

  • Share promotional campaigns for limited offers and special discounts

  • Create pre-collection campaigns to alert customers of payment deadlines and payment reminders

  • Notify customers about shipment status

  • Spread political campaigns

  • Solicit the meter reading

  • Share promotional campaigns for new products or services

  • Send invitations to trade fairs, conventions and events

  • Remind an appointment or a medical examination

  • Know customers' preferences and needs

  • Alert about the expiry of the car tax

Dillo Voicebot & AI

Dillo Voicebot is a Vocal Bot, or Callbot, that is an autoresponder able to interact and conduct a telephone conversation by simulating the behavior of a human operator

To do this, Dillo’s virtual assistant uses Artificial Intelligence, which allows you to interpret the interlocutor’s requests and respond consistently by voice.

Voice Inbound in deillo in
Voice Outbound Dillo - Telefonate Automatiche

Dillo Conference Call

Quickly and independently create and configure the Voice Call conferencing system that best suits your business needs!
Discover all the features of the Dillo Voice Conference Call function, both in outbound and inbound

Dillo Voice Benefits

Global coverage

With Dillo Voice you can reach any phone, both mobile and landline: automatic phone calls guarantee you total coverage of your target

Real time interaction

With automatic calls you can collect feedback and interactions in real time, without waiting for text messages to be read

Stronger impact

A voice message can have more impact than a text message, giving your communication an even more personal or institutional tone.

Save time and resources

Focus on what is important for your business: thanks to the automatic sending of phone calls you will no longer need real operators, saving on time and costs.

Improve your Customer Care

Thanks to the virtual assistant, you can automate customer service and be always available. Dillo allows you to automate the management of outgoing and incoming calls.

Human factor

Thanks to the use of pre-recorded voices you can make your communications more human and give additional importance to messages, showing you close to the customer right away


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