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Riparaora Optimizes Customer Journey
with Dillo Phone Notifications.

If in the past you have had the need to repair your Iphone glass or refurbish one of your Apple devices (and more), you are probably already familiar with Riparaora, Italy’s leading Apple repair and service center.
If you’re still unfamiliar with it, perhaps you might be interested to know that, not only do they take care of your device all-around, from pickup to return to your doorstep in just a few days, but they also know how to pamper the customer like no one else; want proof? Take a look at their google reviews.

But what makes Riparaora a leader in its field?

Quality, professionalism and efficient service are obviously fundamental and indispensable prerequisites, but will they be enough?
To understand this, we spoke with Gaetano Caruso, CEO and founder of Riparaora, who explained how customer care is crucial in this regard: nowadays, technological devices, especially smartphones, acquire enormous significance in the eyes of the user, both from a personal and emotional point of view (they contain photos, conversations, memories and above all data… in short, our cell phone talks about us), and from a utilitarian point of view (just think of how many actions we now perform solely through smartphones and above all the importance this has as a daily work tool).

It is therefore not surprising that the target audience in this case has high expectations and above all is very attentive, given the concern that usually pervades us the moment our device breaks or gets damaged.

Listening carefully to the customer and dressing in his or her shoes is therefore the first step in order to be able to structure impeccable customer care, in which case attention to the smallest detail and highly personalized.

In order to build the customer-centric Customer Journey, Riparaora first and foremost ensures the direct relationship between the staff and the service user, but not only that, thanks to a series of communication automatisms, it keeps the customer constantly informed about the status of repair and shipment of the product, thus earning the extreme trust of its target audience and at the same time meticulously managing the progress of individual work.

How Riparaora improved its Customer Journey thanks to Dillo

In early 2022, when Gaetano Caruso contacted the Dillo team, he was looking for a solution that would allow Riparaora to automatically manage the sending of individual notifications to alert the customer when their device had finished repair and was ready to be shipped.

Voice channel, specifically the use of automatic outbound calls.
A phone call, compared to other communication channels, enjoys more attention from recipients and allows the message to be conveyed directly; in short, it is the ideal medium for sending urgent notices or important notifications.

Dealing with the sale of technical support services, I can confirm that direct communication with the customer through automated calls makes everything very usable and with an extra edge

Providing even more accurate customer service is not the only benefit of automated calls, however; in fact, the real benefit is the significant savings in time and money, which allows staff to focus on their tasks and automate the more repetitive ones.

With Dillo's service, we are sure that the customer has been informed about the outcome of the repair and it saves us time (and money) with the sales department.

Plans for the future

As you may have guessed by now, the customer service offered by Riparaora already starts from very high standards, but it can be further optimized in its internal organization in order to further free up staff and delegate automatable functions to Dillo. Talking about plans for the future of Riparaora in fact, Gaetano Caruso claims.

Automating the direct communication and information aspect, even in the quote phase, with a multimedia and interactive approach is our next step in integrating Dillo. I would therefore recommend that everyone take advantage of the great benefits brought, without any doubt.

From our side, we can say that we are thrilled to know that our services have helped Riparaora optimize its customer communication, but most importantly, we look forward to getting back to work together on the next project.

See you soon!

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